Resigned, dismissed or retrenched. Bridging loans against pension.

If you have been retrenched or dismissed recently and you are waiting for a payout, Alt Bridge Capital can help you get the cash you need in your pocket faster. We have over 60 years of combined experience in the financial and property market, as a result – we have become leaders in the industry.

Our company has quickly become a household name in bridging loan finance because we use our knowledge and experience to bring you bridging loans. Log onto our website and complete the online application form, we have simplified the application process so that you can get an outcome quickly.

If you are waiting for a payout of between R100 000 and R3 000 000 we will be able to grant you a loan of a percentage of the total you are expecting.

The bridging loan financing that we cover can be secured by your pension fund payout, retirement annuity or payouts received from disability claims and death claims. With us you know you are getting a fair deal and the highest quality service.

Cash in your bank account when you need it most.

There is nothing worse than having money that is owed to you but no physical cash in your account. It’s even worse when you don’t have an income and you are held hostage by your impending payout and your ever-growing Everest of bills and other financial obligations. That’s where our service shines; we will assist you with cash in your account and in doing so, we give you the financial backing you need – when you need it most.

There are many advantages to using our service these include:

  • The cash will be paid into your account within 24 hours of approval and once all documents have been verified
  • Expert advise that you can trust
  • Transparent contracts with no hidden fees 
  • One easy payment once you receive your payout

No monthly payments to tie you down.

Our loans work differently and they are nothing like traditional personal loans. Our online bridging loans don’t require you to pay monthly instalments, instead, you only need to pay back your loan once you receive the payout that you are waiting for. The entire loan can be settled in one easy payment, you don’t need to worry about paying back a cent until then.

Generally, bridging loans are much more flexible than traditional personal loans.

Weigh the risk involved.

No loan is entirely risk-free but as your loan is secured by your pension payout there is very little risk involved. The only problem that could arise is that your fund takes longer to pay out than you originally thought but, we are very understanding and can extend your loan terms if this problem should arise.

So you don’t need to worry about handling all the details yourself, your attorney can do everything on your behalf and take care of the settlement.

If you meet the following criteria you will qualify to apply:

  • You must be a South African citizen and over the age of 18
  • The payout that you are expecting must be between R100 000 and R3 000 000
  • You will need a valid bank account that is in your name
  • A copy of your valid South African ID document and a proof of residence
  • A letter from your fund confirming your pension fund or relevant fund including the amount that you are expecting.

You will be able to borrow a percentage of your expected payout.

Online bridging loans are so popular in South Africa because of the speed at which they can be paid, giving you the cash you need during times that you have to wait on settlements. Bridging loan finance can help you pay for daily expenses or take care of your bills while you wait.

No more worrying while you wait.

The promise of money is all good and well until it comes time to pay your bills, your creditors won’t let you pay your bills with a promise but we will. All you need to do is provide proof that you are waiting for a payout and we will turn that promise into accessible cash.

Simply contact one of our experts or complete the online application form and we will let you know if you qualify. Stop worrying while you wait for your payout apply today and sleep soundly tonight.

Our fluid financial solutions were designed to get you the cash you need as quickly as possible.

Cash in hand sooner.

Apply for your pension bridging loan and receive your outcome almost instantly, if your loan is approved there is no need to wait around as the cash will be paid into your account upon verification of all your documents. There are no hidden fees and our contracts are easy to understand and extremely transparent. Once we receive your documents and verify them, the money will be paid directly into your account. And it is as easy as that!

There is no need to wait up to a year for your pension or other payouts instead receive the cash you need when you need it.